General Terms and Conditions of Use


“Allocation”: means the prizes awarded to the Winners following the Contest.

“Brief”: means the specifications established by the Partner Company that contain information such as the deadline, details of the allocation, the requirements of the Partner Company, the relevant legal provisions, etc.

“Confidential Information”: means the information.

“Contest”: means the contest covered by the Rules and organised by the Service Provider and the Partner Company.

“Deliverables”: means collectively the Shortlist Deliverable and the Final Deliverable.

“Enrolment”: means a Participant's enrolment in the Contest.

“Final Deliverable”: means the deliverable submitted at the end of the selection phase.

“Final Jury”: means the jury responsible for Ranking of the finalists.

“Participant”: means any person who has enrolled in accordance with the Rules and who is taking part in the Contest.

“Prize”: means the allocations awarded to the Winners at the end of the Contest.

“Ranking”: means the ranking of the finalists established by the Final Jury at the end of the final phase.

“Rules and General Terms and Conditions of Contests”: means the general terms and conditions of use of the Service Provider's site, accepted by all Participants when an Agorize account is opened, and which are available on

“Rules”: means these rules that apply to the Contest.

“Selection Jury”: means the jury responsible for Shortlisting the Participants.

“Selection”: means the second phase of the Contest.

“Shortlist Deliverable”: means the deliverable submitted at the end of the Shortlisting phase.

“Shortlisting”: means the first phase of the Contest.

“Winner”: means the participants of the teams going through to the final phase of the Contest and ranked by the Final Jury.


2.1 The purpose of the Rules is to define, in accordance with Article L. 121-15-2 of the French Consumer Code (Code de la consommation), the conditions and rules for taking part in the Contest organised by the Partner Company in partnership with the Service Provider. The Rules supplement the Service Provider's Rules and General Terms and Conditions of Contests (RCGC). If the provisions of the Rules conflict with the provisions of the RCGC, the Rules shall take precedence.

2.2 Participants acknowledge that they are aware of the fact and accept that the proposed Contest calls upon their wisdom, skill and ingenuity to complete seriously challenging tasks. Under no circumstances does the Contest rely, even in part, on chance or luck and cannot therefore be seen as or likened to a lottery.


3.1 Participation in the Contest is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase. Any costs incurred as a result of participation can be reimbursed.

3.2 Participants must familiarise themselves with the Rules and accept them unreservedly prior to enrolment and participation in the Contest.

3.3 The Contest is open to any natural person aged 18 years or over who has legal capacity. The company reserves the right to perform the necessary hecks regarding the identity and the postal and/or email address of the participants.

3.4 The personnel of any company that has worked with the organiser to set up this competition, including their families and spouses (marriage, civil partnership or co-habiting, recognised or otherwise), are excluded from taking part in this competition and benefiting from any allocation, whether directly or indirectly.

3.5 Individuals who have failed to provide their contact details and full identities or who have provided inaccurate or incorrect information will be disqualified. The same applies to any persons who refuse to allow their personal information that is strictly necessary for the needs of managing the competitions to be collected, recorded and used.

The information provided by a participant when enrolling in the contest is the responsibility of that participant. Any intentional or unintentional errors, anomalies or inconsistencies in the information communicated by participants will make them ineligible for the prize draw or for awarding of the prize.

3.6 Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these rules by the participant. Failure to follow these rules will result in automatic cancellation of the entry and of any granting of rewards.

3.7 Any Participant who fails to meet the conditions of this Article at the time of enrolment and at any time during the Contest will be lawfully and without notice disqualified from the Contest and may not receive any Allocation. If an Allocation has been awarded to a Participant who does not meet the conditions of participation at the time of enrolment or during the Contest, the Organisers reserve the right to demand that the Participant return the Allocation received.